Delicious And Crispy Wheat Flour Biscuit Recipe

Wheat Flour Biscuit

Wheat Flour Biscuit…!!

Hello Foodies..! Today I will tell you the recipe of “Wheat Flour Biscuit”. I have made these biscuits in a wok. Speciality of these biscuits is you can store them for one-two months easily. When you can eat healthy then why to eat unhealthy.. These are homemade biscuits that I have made with wheat flour instead of refined flour because we all know that refined flour is not good for health. These are very tasty biscuits. Once you will make them at home then you will not buys biscuits again from market for daily snacking.

So guys, Welcome to my kitchen and let us start the recipe..



  • Wheat Flour (One Bowl)
  • Semolina (One Bowl)
  • Sugar (One Bowl)
  • Ghee (Half Bowl)
  • Warm Milk (Half Cup)
  • Cardamom Powder
  • Ghee For Deep Frying


  1. For it take one bowl of wheat flour, one bowl of semolina, one bowl of sugar, half bowl of ghee, half cup of warm milk and cardamom powder.
  2. Add sugar in warm milk and mix it nicely. Keep 2-3 spoon sugar aside.
  3. Take one big mixing bowl and add wheat flour, semolina, cardamom powder. Mix all of them well.
  4. Then add ghee in it and mix it well. Add ghee slowly-slowly as per requirement.
  5. Now add milk that we prepared by adding sugar and knead a dough of it. The should not be very tight nor too soft.
  6. When dough is kneaded then add two-three spoon of sugar that we kept aside and again knead it nicely and make the dough smooth.
  7. Now take small portion of dough and make a round ball of it and then press it slightly. Then make design on it using fork or any utensil from the kitchen and then keep it in a plate.
  8. Same way make all the biscuits and keep them in a plate.
  9. Now keep a wok on gas and pour ghee in it for deep frying the biscuits and let it heat. When ghee gets highly heated then add biscuits in the ghee and deep fry them. (Add biscuits in highly hot oil only otherwise they will get spread in the ghee)
  10. When they starts to cook then make the flame low and then deep fry them as this way they will get deep fried from inside as well and will become crispy.
  11. Deep fry them by turning till they gets golden brown. When they gets golden brown then take them out in a plate and on a napkin so that napkin can absorb extra ghee.
  12. Same way deep fry all the biscuits and our tasty “Wheat Flour Biscuits” are ready to serve.
Wheat Flour Biscuits
(Wheat Flour Biscuits)
Wheat Flour Biscuits
(Wheat Flour Biscuits)
Wheat Flour Biscuit
(Wheat Flour Biscuits)

Store them in an air tight container for one-two months easily. As they gets ready in very less time so you can make them whenever you wants to eat homemade biscuits. You can serve them to your guests as well and they will also like them for sure. If ghee is not available for deep frying the biscuits then you can deep fry them in an oil as well but when they are deep fried in a ghee then they gives very good taste. As kids are fond of eating biscuits on a daily basis then you can make these biscuits for them and store for them as market’s biscuits are not healthy.

So friends, give a try to this recipe of biscuits and then tell us your views about the recipe in the comments section.. Share the recipe with your friends and family.

Thank You..! Have A Good Day..! 🙂

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