Vegetable Moong Dal Pakore


Hello Foodies….. Welcome to my kitchen… Today I am with one of the favourite snacks of Indians that is “Pakora”. Today we will make moong dal vegetable pakore. These pakoras are very tasty and if you will follow my recipe you will end up making very crsipy pakoras… These pakoras are best snacks in rainy or winter season. You all must have eaten moong daal pakoras but just for once try with my recipe then I am pretty sure you will always make with my recipe only. As the name itself shows these pakoras are full of veggies and these veggies adds the taste in pakoras.. So, without any delay let’s start the recipe….

Ingredients We Need….

  • Soaked Moong Dal
  • Veggies (Cabbage, Green Peas, Carrot, Cauli Flower, Potato, Green Chilly, Ginger, Coriander Leaves)
  • Masale (Salt, Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Chat masala, Cumin seeds, Asafoetida)
  • Rice Powder (2-3 table spoon)
  • Oil
  • Water


  1. Take moong dal and soak it for 2 hours. After 2 hours filter the water from the dal.
  2. Transfer the dal in grinder jar and add very little water then grind the dal properly.
  3. Transfer the dal in a bowl then add grated cabbage, finely chopped carrot, chopped cauli flower, boiled green peas, finely chopped potatoes, finely chopped green chillies, grated ginger and coriander leaves.
  4. Then add masale – salt (as per taste), red chilli powder, little bit of turmeric powder, chat masala, cumin seeds (1 table spoon), asafoetida (1 pinch).
  5. Now, mix all the veggies and masala properly with each other.
  6. Then add 2-3 table spoon of rice powder in the mixture as it gives crispy taste to the pakoras and mix it properly with the mixture. add little water if required.
  7. Keep a deep frying pan on gas with oil in it and let it heat. Once it is heated, add the small-small portion of mixture in the pan with the help of round shaped spoon or hand as you like.
  8. Keep on frying them by turning up & down until they become golden brown.
  9. Once they become golden brown, take them out on napkin and our pakoras are ready to serve hot.

Serve the mouth watering pakoras hot with chutney or tomato ketchup. It is a must snack during rainy time with family. Give a try to this recipe for moong daal pakoras and enjoy with family and friends.. Share the recipe with your relatives & friends.. & let us know in our comment section about the recipe…

Thank You…!! Have a wonderful day.. 🙂


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