Valentine’s Heart Shape Chocolate Cake Without Fire

(Valentine Heart Shape Chocolate Cake)

Valentine’s Heart Shape Chocolate Cake…!!

Hello Foodies..! Today I have the easy recipe of “Valentine’s Heart Shape Chocolate Cake”. I have made this especially for Valentine’s Day. It is made without baking and without fire. It gets ready in very less time. Even the one who does not know cooking at all can make this cake. You do not need much ingredients to make this cake. Only four ingredients are required to make this cake. It is very easy to make this cake and it is very tasty. You don’t require pre-planning to make this cake and you can make it instantly.

Guys, give a try to this cake on this Valentine.. Welcome to my kitchen and let us start the recipe..



  • Bread Slices (Twelve)
  • White Cream
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Water


  1. For it take twelve bread slices. Cut the corners from all the slices.
  2. Now take any plate on which you want to make cake. Then take one bread slice and with the help of sharped edge bowl cut a piece by keeping the bowl in mid of bread slice.
  3. Take the piece that came inside bowl and by keeping that piece on another slices, cut eight pieces of same shape and size. Four bread slices should be normal out of twelve.
  4. Now take white cream in a big mixing bowl and whip the cream. When it starts to whip then add one spoon of powdered sugar.
  5. Again whip it and when it gets whip little more then add chocolate sauce in a good quantity and then whip it again.
  6. When cream gets whip nicely then spread one spoon of whipped cream at the center of the plate on which you will make cake.
  7. Now take one normal bread slice and two pieces that we cut. Give a shape of heart on the cream layer that we spread on the plate.
  8. Then take little water in a bowl and add two spoons of powdered sugar. Mix both of them well and make sugar syrup.
  9. Dip a brush in the sugar syrup and then apply it on heart shape bread slices. After that coat it with thin layer of whipped cream.
  10. Again make heart over the cream layer by keeping the slices in same sequence and then repeat the process. Make four layers same way.
  11. Coat the sides well with cream and then decorate the cake.
  12. For decorating take design maker that comes in a flexible cone type and add white cream in it.
  13. Then make flower at one side with the design maker and on another side decorate with chocolate sauce.
  14. Make a line with chocolate syrup and then make fall down. See in the image how it is done.
  15. Tasty “Valentine’s Heart Shape Chocolate Cake” is ready to serve.
Valentine's Heart Shape Chocolate Cake
(Valentine’s Heart Shape Chocolate Cake)
(Valentine Heart Shape Chocolate Cake)
(Valentine’s Heart Shape Chocolate Cake)
(Valentine Heart Shape Chocolate Cake)
(Valentine’s Heart Shape Chocolate Cake)

See guys, how yummy this cake is looking.. Don’t you want to eat it right now..?? You can make it for kids as well whenever they demands to eat cake as it gets ready very quickly and without much efforts. This homemade chocolate cake is much healthy than those of market. I have made it in heart shape specially for Valentine’s Day but you can make it in any shape of your choice. Decorate it as per your choice.

Friends, if you like the recipe then share it with your friends and family.. Share your experience with us in the comments section and do share the images of the cake with us.

Thank You..! Have A Wonderful Day..! :



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