Delicious Stuffed Naan Recipe

Stuffed Naan

Stuffed Naan…!!

Hello Foodies..! I hope you all are good and taking all the necessary precautions to fight Covid-19. Today I will tell you the recipe of “Stuffed Naan” and the especiality of this naan is that I have made it without tandoor. I will tell you how to make stuffed naan on pan. You can make it easily at home. It’s very simple to make and gets ready without much efforts.

So friends, Welcome to my kitchen and let’s start to make stuffed naan.



  • Refined Flour (One Bowl)
  • Spices (Salt- As per taste, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Dry Mango Powder, Gram Masala, Chat Masala)
  • Baking Powder (Little)
  • Baking Soda (One Pinch)
  • Powdered Sugar (Little)
  • Ghee (One Spoon)
  • Curd
  • Water
  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Ginger and Coriander Leaves
  • Butter


  1. Firstly take one bowl of refined flour in a big mixing bowl.
  2. Then add salt as per taste, little baking powder, one pinch of baking soda and little powdered sugar.
  3. Mix all of them nicely. Then add one spoon of ghee and curd. Mix them well.
  4. Now knead a dough of it by adding water slowly-slowly and we have to knead a soft dough as we are making stuffed naan.
  5. When dough gets ready then cover it and keep it aside for sometime to set it.
  6. Till the time dough gets set prepare stuffing for naan. Take boiled potatoes and grate them. After grating potatoes, mash them with spoon.
  7. Now add grated ginger, salt as per taste, red chilli powder, coriander powder, dry mango powder, garam masala and at last chat masala.
  8. Mix all the ingredients nicely. Then add coriander leaves and mix them as well.
  9. Dough must be well set by the time. knead it again then apply ghee and knead it nicely. Make the dough soft. (The more good dough will be kneaded, the more good naan will be made)
  10. Now take some portion of dough and make a round ball of it then press is slightly. Dip it in dry refined flour.
  11. Roll it little and then keep stuffing at the center. Close it by joining edges with each other. Then press it with hand to spread stuffing.
  12. Now paste coriander leaves on it and roll it in round or oval shape. Roll it thin or thick as you like. (Pasting Coriander leaves is optional as it’s to make naan look good)
  13. Keep a pan on gas for heating. When pan gets heated then keep stuffed naan on it and let it cook. When it gets cook from one side then turn it and let it cook from another side as well.
  14. When it is cooked from both the sides then keep the pan aisde and cook the naan on direct flame. Cook on low flame so that naan can get cook from inside as well.
  15. When naan gets cook well from both the sides then keep it in plate and apply butter on it as it increases the taste of naan. Make all the stuffed naan same way.
  16. Tasty Stuffed Naan is ready to serve.
Stuffed Naan
(Stuffed Naan)
Stuffed Naan
Stuffed Naan

Make the tasty stuffed naan for your family members at home only. They will really enjoy them and will always ask to eat stuffed naan at home only instead of reastaurant. You can make it for your guests and they will appreciate you for sure.

You must try my recipe of stuffed naan and then share your views about the recipe with us in the comments section. Share the recipe with your friends and family.

Thank You..! Have A Wonderful Day..! 🙂



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