Delicious And Crispy Semolina Dosa Recipe

Semolina Dosa

Semolina Dosa…!!

Hello Foodies..! Today I have the recipe of “Semolina Dosa” which gets ready in just fifteen minutes. So, the dosa that takes one day to get prepare as we have to soak rice and pulse, that dosa will get ready in just fifteen minutes. It will get ready as crispy as normal dosa. I will make it in very less oil so it will be healthy as well.

Dosa that we make of pulse and rice takes one day to get prepare ans this dosa gets ready in just fifteen minutes.. So friends, Welcome to my kitchen and let us start to make “Semolina Dosa”



  • Semolina (One Cup)
  • Wheat Flour (One-Fourth Cup)
  • Curd (One Cup)
  • Salt- As per taste
  • Water
  • Baking Soda (One-Fourth Spoon)
  • Oil


  1. Firstly take one cup of semolina. If it is thick then grind it fine and if it is already fine then use it as it is.
  2. Then take one big mixing bowl and add one cup of semolina in it, one-fourth cup of wheat flour, one cup of curd, salt as per taste and mix all of them nicely.
  3. Now add one and a half bowl of water, mix it well and prepare a batter of it. There should not be any lumps. Make a smooth batter. (If required, then add more water)
  4. Then cover it and keep it aside for ten minutes. After ten minutes, batter will get well set. Mix it once.
  5. Now add one-fourth spoon of baking soda and mix it well. Batter is all ready to make dosa.
Semolina Dosa

6. Keep a non-stick pan on gas for heating. When it gets heated then sprinkle water on it and then wipe the water with any cloth or napkin to bring it at normal temperature.

7. Then spread one and a half spoon of batter on pan and spread it in circular motion. Make thin layer so that dosa can become crispy.

Semolina Dosa

8. When it gets little cook then pour oil on the edges.

Semolina Dosa

9. When dosa gets cook then separate it from pan and then roll it. Same way make other dosa.

10. Our crispy and tasty “Semolina Dosa” are ready to serve.

Semolina Dosa
(Semolina Dosa)
Semolina Dosa
(Semolina Dosa)

Guys, In just ten minutes you can make dosa. If any guest comes to your house then you can serve them also and they won’t be able to recognize that it’s not rice and pulse dosa. It will get ready that good that everyone will praise you. If you want you can add stuffing also. I have made plain dosa but if you want you can make masala dosa. It is a very light and tasty snack for kids. Whenever kids demands to eat dosa then you can make it quickly as it requires just fifteen minutes.

Enjoy this dosa with sambhar or coconut chutney. Follow the measurements carefully then only good and crispy dosa will get ready. Make it in the small home parties as it’s simple to make and does not require much efforts and time. Don’t forget to bring pan on normal temperature so that pan does not get extreme heat.

Guys, give a try to this amazing recipe of dosa. If you like the recipe then share it with your friends and family. If you have any suggestion then do share with us as your suggestions are valuable.. and let us know your views about the recipe in the comments section.. Share the images of dosa with us..

Thank You..! Have A Great Day..! 🙂

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