Pocket Pizza Recipe

pocket pizza
pocket pizza

How to make tasty Pocket Pizza for your breakfast….

Hello readers, hope you all are doing fine….as we all know breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day by experts and skipping breakfast is not good in long terms. But making something new and exciting that anyone can’t resist is still a challenge. So here we are with a new recipe of Pocket Pizza to try at home and serve to your loved ones specially children. They will definitely love it…. now let’s get started….

We will be needing….

  • Refined flour
  • Veggies (green capsicum, sweet corn, cabbage, tomatoes or anything you wish to add)
  • Black pepper powder
  • Chaat masala
  • Salt to taste
  • Chilli flakes
  • Pizza seasoning or oregano
  • Cheese
  • Refined oil

Now let’s start….

  1. Take the required quantity of refined flour as per your wish and add some salt to it, add 4 spoons of refined oil and start mixing well.
  2. If you don’t see the flour binding together, add some more refined oil to it. Mix till you feel that the flour is binding well.
  3. Knead the flour using water in a manner that it is not too hard or soft, cover this and keep it separate.
  4. Now on the other hand, take some oil in pan and start making the filling for the pizza. Add some chopped green capsicum, sweet corn, cabbage and tomatoes to the pan. You can add any veggie you like.
  5. Saute them and start adding spices to it, start with salt as per your taste. Then add ½ spoon of chaat masala, ½ tbsp of black pepper powder and mix well. Into this add chilli flakes, pizza seasoning or oregano and mix them well to cook.
  6. As the things cook well, turn the burner off and let them cool down.
  7. While it cools down, you start making the pizza, take small balls of the kneaded dough and start rolling them into sheets with help of the rolling pin. Try not to make very thin sheets otherwise it will tear off.
  8. Cut the sheets into square shape with help of knife and then cut it into two pieces from the middle.
  9. Now take one piece and lay on the other piece in such a manner that they make a cross. Place each other in diagonal form on one another.
  10. In middle of this, place some filling you made and add some cheese to it. Now start enveloping them by placing each side over followed by another so that it takes a shape of a small pocket. Do keep on applying water at sides of every fold to avoid bursting of pockets while frying.
  11. Repeat the steps and make more pockets like this.
  12. Now deep fry the pockets on medium flame till they get golden brown in color.
  13. Your pocket pizza is ready…. Serve this with sauce or anything you like and enjoy in your breakfast.   


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