Delicious Mathura Special Peda Recipe

Mathura Special Peda

Mathura Special Peda…!!

Hello Foodies..! Welcome to my kitchen..! Pede of birth place of Lord Krishna that is Mathura is very famous all over the India. Many of you must have eaten and many of you wants to eat but unable to get Mathura Special Peda. So, I have the solution for you all.. Today I will tell you the recipe of “Mathura Special Peda”. You all can make Mathura’s speciality at your home only that too easily.

People from different places asks for Mathura’s Pede. Whenever someone visits the birth place of Lord Krishna, they take lots of carry of pede with them while going back to their city. Recipe of peda is very common across India and it comes in different shape and taste. But the pede we get in Mathura, we don’t get anywhere else. Peda comes in white colour at other places but in Mathura, pede are of brown colour and the taste is incomparable.

So friends, don’t wait to visit Mathura to eat Mathura’s pede. Make it now with my recipe.. Let’s start to make Mathura Special Peda..



  • Desi Ghee (Two Spoon)
  • Milk (One Cup)
  • Milk Powder (One Bowl)
  • Cardamom Powder
  • Rawa


  1. Firstly keep a wok on gas and pour one spoon of desi ghee in it and let it heat.
  2. When ghee gets little heated then add one cup of milk and mix it.
  3. Then add one cup of milk powder and mix it nicely.
  4. Make milk thick so keep on stirring the milk on medium flame.
  5. When milk becomes thick like mawa then make the flame low and add one spoon of ghee in it then again make the flame medium.
  6. Roast it nicely and keep on stirring till it becomes golden brown.
  7. You will see granules will made and if the mixture becomes very dry then add one to two spoons of milk in it and keep on roasting.
  8. When it becomes brown in colour then turn off the gas and keep on stirring for one to two minutes as wok will be hot and it can burn the mixture.
  9. Take it out in a plate and let it cool. When it becomes cool then add the mxiture in the grinder jar and grind it. (Don’t grind finely)
  10. Then take out the mixture in a big mixing bowl and add cardamom powder as it gives very good flavour to pede. Mix it well.
  11. Now add rawa in it and mix it. Try to form peda and if it’s not forming then add little mix and mix it nicely.
  12. Now give a shape of peda, make a round ball and press it then dip it in rawa and keep in a plate. (Coating of rawa is optional, if you don’t like it then don’t coat it)
  13. Same way make all the pede.
  14. Tasty Mathura Special Peda are ready.
Mathura Special Peda
(Mathura Special Peda)
Mathura Special Peda
(Mathura Special Peda)
Mathura Special Peda

Speciality of Mathura’s Pede is this that they are very nicely roasted. This is the reason that Mathura’s pede are very tasty and famous. So, make it at home with my recipe and enjoy with your family members. Make pede of any size of your choice. Make these pede at the time of festivals and offer them to Lord Krishna.

So guys, give a try to my recipe and share it with your friends and family.. and let us know your views about the recipe in the comments section.

Thank You..! Have A Nice Day..! 🙂



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