Mango Roll Recipe


How to make a unique sweet dish of mango easily at home…..

Hello my dear friends, have you ever thought of an idea of making sweet dish at home by using mango. Mango, the king of all fruits is undoubtedly loved by everyone. As it is only available in summers, so we have only this time of whole year to enjoy our favorite mango. How about trying a new kind of sweet dish to satisfy the sweet tooth. Here we are today with a new and special recipe to try on with mango….keep scrolling….

We will be needing….

  • Mangoes
  • 1 bowl fresh malai or cream
  • 5 spoon sugar
  • 4 spoon milk powder
  • ¼ spoon cardamom powder
  • 1 bowl grated or powdered coconut
  • Ghee
  • Finely chopped Dry fruits (almond and pistachio)

Now let’s get started…..

  1. Take mango pulp and collect in a bowl as per you requirement.
  2. Heat up some ghee in the pan and add this pulp to it. Let it cook in the ghee.
  3. After sometime, add 1 bowl of fresh malai or cream, followed by 5 spoons of sugar or as you wish and 4 spoons of milk powder.
  4. Mix things well and further add ¼ spoon of cardamom powder, 1 bowl of grated coconut and some finely chopped dry fruits in it and let the mixture cook while you continue to mix it.
  5. After mixing all things add more ghee to it if you feel the mixture is quite dry. Keep mixing till the things starts binding together.
  6. Now take the mixture out in a plate, spread it and let it cool down.
  7. After the material cools down make balls out of it of medium size.
  8. Take butter paper or you can even use plastic for this. Sprinkle some grated coconut over the plastic and start rolling them over the surface with the help of your palm to get a big roll out of it.
  9. As you finish making rolls, add more of dry fruits over it. Now take these rolls and keep them into refrigerator so that they get set for about 2-3 hours.
  10. You can see the rolls became stiff. Cut them into pieces and enjoy homemade sweet of mango no one can resist……   


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