Lemon Juice Storing Methods

Lemon Juice Storing Methods

Lemon Juice Storing Methods…!!

Hello Foodies..! Welcome to my kitchen..! Today I don’t have any recipe for you all. Today I will tell you “How to store lemon juice for long time”. What happens sometime that we have lot of lemons or you can say someone was selling lemons at a very low price and you buys them in bulk. If you will keep the lemons in fridge directly then they will get spoil soon.

Sometimes what happens, in present time lemons are at reasonable price but you know their price will increase to a high price in the coming days. So, you should store lemon juice so that it can be used in future and when they are at high price you need not to buy them. When you store the lemons normally in fridge then they get spoil. So, today I will tell you “Lemon Juice Storing Methods.

I will add one ingredient that will make lemon juice last for two months easily. This way you can buy lemons in a good quantity and can use lemon juice for two months. You need not to buy lemons for two months atleast. So, read the procedure from start to end then only you will understand what you have to do and what you don’t have to do for storing lemon juice.

So friends, let’s learn the “Lemon Juice Storing Methods“…



  • Lemons
  • Rock Salt


  • Glass Bottle
  • Lemon Juice Squeezer Machine
  • Knife
  • Glass Bowl

PROCEDURE OF “Lemon Juice Storing Methods”…

  1. Firstly take lemons, wash them properly and wipe them with cloth.
  2. Then take one lemon and cut it two piece from middle.
  3. Same way cut all the lemons in two pieces from middle and keep them in a plate.
  4. Now take one glass bowl and keep one strainer on it. (Strainer helps in separating seeds and pure juice comes out of it)
  5. Then squeeze the lemon from the strainer. Take out the juice from all the lemon pieces.
  6. When all the lemons are squeezed then give a mix with spoon in the strainer so that all the remaining juice can come out from strainer.
  7. Now add little rock salt in the lemon juice and mix it well. (Rock Salt is the ingredient which will keep lemon juice last long)
  8. Take one glass bottle and transfer the juice in that bottle.
  9. Close the bottle and keep in fridge.
  10. Whenever you wants to use lemon juice then shake the bottle once and then use it.
Lemon Juice Storing Methods
(Lemon Juice)
Lemon Juice Storing Methods
Lemon Juice Storing Methods
Lemon Juice Storing Methods

It’s very simple to store lemon juice. By adding rock salt, lemon juice taste doesn’t change neither becomes salty. There are lot of benefits of storing lemon juice. It makes things easy for you. You can add it in any dish easily without spending time in cutting and squeezing the lemon. You can take out lemon juice in summers so that whenever you wants to drink lemon water or shikanji then you can drink it instantly without cutting lemon and squeezing it, just add lemon juice in water directly.

Try my “Lemon Juice Storing Methods” once and you will yourself see how convinient it will be for you. Do tell us your views about the “Lemon Juice Storing Methods” in the comments section.

Share “Lemon Juice Storing Methods” with your friends and family. Share your experience with us and if you have any other better way of storing lemon juice then do tell us.

Thank You..! Have a Wonderful Day..! 🙂

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