Kurkure Namkeen Recipe

kurkure namkeen
kurkure namkeen

How to make kurkure namkeen at home using simple steps…

Hello my dear friends, you all might be missing your namkeens and other evening snacks. Evening tea is definitely not so happening without these complimentary snacks. And we know this lock down has forced you to live without it. We can’t buy namkeens from market due to safety reasons but we can definitely make them at home any way. Yes!! My dear friends here we are again with another recipe of namkeen to share with you. The Kurkure namkeen. It will taste as the Kurkure available in the market and children will definitely love this. ……So now let’s get started….

Things we will be needing…….

  • Some spiral pasta
  • Corn flour
  • Spices (salt, black salt, red chilli powder, chaat masala, dried mango powder, mint leaves powder)
  • Maggie masala (optional)
  • Oil for frying

Let’s start now….

  1. For making the namkeen we will be needing some pasta available in the market. Take as much pasta as you want and now, we will boil it in water. Here we have taken the spiral pasta, you can opt as per your wish. But this will give a look of Kurkure we get from the market.
  2. Now boil some water in the pan and add some salt and oil to it. Now add the pasta for boiling. The oil we add ensures that pasta doesn’t stick together. Cover it with a lid and it will boil in 5-8 minutes.
  3. As you see pasta gets boiled, now take off the excess of water and then we will add some icy cold water to it. This trick we use here will help in make the pasta more suitable for namkeen and will ensure it doesn’t stick together.
  4. Get rid off this water too. And keep the pasta for further use.
  5. Now take some corn flour and add to the pasta. Make sure the pasta coats well and then keep it for minute or two.
  6. Heat up some oil in the pan and fry the pasta in it. Fry some pasta at a time. If you think, it is getting stuck together, don’t worry my friends it will get back to normal in further steps.
  7. Fry all the pasta till it turn golden in color and then take this into a bowl.
  8. At this time, you could see the pasta is not sticking anymore. Now we will add our spices to the namkeen.
  9. Take some salt, red chilli powder, chaat masala, dried mango powder, mint powder, and some black salt. The amount depends on the amount of pasta and your personal taste. Add accordingly and mix together well.
  10. Now we will be adding a twist to it, yes, the Maggie masala, it is just to attract kids more, because they are more fond of Maggie masala. Although this is an optional step you can skip it.
  11. Mix the things well and your home made Kurkure namkeen is ready my friends.

You can store this up in air tight jar and have it in your evening snacks and mid time carvings, children will love this and so as you. Do share your comments and views on our namkeen recipe. Your comments are always awaited….

kurkure namkeen


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