Jalebi Recipe


How to make sweet and crispy instant jalebis at home……

Hello my dear friends and how are you all doing..? you all might be missing you favorite sweet dishes from the halwai, I know you must be, today my friends we are with a recipe of jalebi for you all and that to instant one. The traditional way of making the jalebis involve keeping the batter overnight for getting it fermented, but we will share a trick with you all which will help in making instant jalebis in no time. Jalebis are no doubt everyone’s favorite sweet dish.At many places in India, they are also taken as the complimentary with the breakfast. They are crispy and sweet, the drooling sugar syrup clearly shows how sweet and tasty it would be…. Now lets get started and learn how to make the jalebis at home using simple steps……

Things we will be needing…..

  • Refined flour (maida)
  • Ghee for frying
  • Sugar
  • Orange food grade color (optional)
  • 1 bowl curd
  • Cardamom powder

 Now let’s get started….

  1. We will start with the making of sugar syrup first. For this we will be needing some sugar and some water.
  2. Take some water in the pan and add 1 cup of sugar to this. Keep on stirring the things well till you feel the sugar has dissolved properly.
  3. We will be needing the one string sugar syrup. So, after the sugar mixes well, keep on stirring and cook it till it get concentrated and we get one sting sugar syrup.
  4. Keep this separate and add some cardamom powder to this for flavour. Our sugar syrup for the jalebi is ready.
  5. Start making the jalebis, we will have to make the batter for the jalebi first, for this, take some refined flour or maida in a bowl and 1 bowl curd and some orange food color to it. This is optional, if you want you can avoid this. We added just to give the jalebis their traditional color.
  6. Mix the things well and we have to make the jalebi batter out of this. With help of the whisk mix them properly and keep on adding water at regular intervals.
  7. We will be needing a flowy kind of batter with medium constituency, not too thick not too thin. Make the batter accordingly.
  8. Now the trick, for making the instant jalebis here, we will add 1 tbsp of baking soda to this batter. This will make the batter rise and make crispier jalebis. This trick here will save our lot of time as well.
  9. Its time to fry them now. For making the shape, you can use the piping bags if you have. If you don’t have the bad, don’t worry we have something for you. You can use the polythene for this.
  10. Take the polythene or try to take the packing of something which has a thick polythene, fill the prepared batter in this, tie the end and at the front end cut the tip to make the jalebis.
  11. Our home-made piping bag is also ready now, now heat up ghee in the flat pan and start making the jalebis.
  12. Make jalebis in spiral form and let the fry well. Slow down the burner and keep on turning them to make them crispy.
  13. Make as much jalebis as you want and add them to the sugar syrup.
  14. Add them and keep for 5 mins so that they absorb the syrup well and become sweet in taste.
  15. Your tasty and crispy jalebis are now ready for serving.

Enjoy the jalebis with your family and do try them for the upcoming festivities. Do try them and share you views and more ideas in the comments. We always look forward to your comments.



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