Healthy And Tasty Jaggery Peanut Laddu Recipe

Jaggery Peanut Laddu

Jaggery Peanut Laddu…!!

Hello Foodies..! Winters has arrived, jaggery and peanuts have started to come in every house now. Peanuts are favourite of everyone and if you eats peanuts everyday then you get vitamins, minerals, protein and much more. These are very good source of good fats and fibre. Even peanuts have more protein than any other nut. On the other hand, jaggery is also very good for health. It helps in improving digestion and prevents constipation. Consuming jaggery helps in increasing the metabolic rate.

So, today today I will tell you the recipe of “Jaggery Peanut Laddu”. It is one of the easiest and quickest recipe. These laddu gets ready in just two or three minutes. If you have roasted peanuts then these laddu gets ready in just two minutes hardly. But if peanuts are not roasted then it takes only two minutes in roasting them. If you have roasted peanuts then this recipe is without a fire recipe. I love peanuts so what I do, I roast them and store them in an air tight container so that whenever I want to make anything with peanuts then I can use them instantly.

We need just two ingredients to make these laddu and the name itself says that we require only jaggery and peanuts to make these laddu. These are very tasty and very healthy as well. One should include it in their daily diet during winters. I will tell you the recipe with raw peanuts because if someone does not have roasted peanuts then they should know how to roast.. and those who have roasted peanuts they can start to make after the step of roasting peanuts.

So, Welcome to my kitchen and let’s start to make “Jaggery Peanut Laddu”…



  • Raw Peanuts (200 Gram)
  • Jaggery (150 Gram)


  1. Firstly take 200 gram of raw peanuts. Now keep a wok on gas and add peanuts in it.
  2. Keep on stirring and roast them well. Roast the peanuts till they become crunchy.
  3. Once the peanuts are well roasted then turn off the gas. Let the peanuts cool at the room temperature only.
  4. When peanuts become cool then take some peanuts in your hand and rub them between your palms so that their skin can peel off.
  5. Same way peel off the skin from all the peanuts. Peeling peanuts takes some time.
  6. Now take 150 gram of jaggery. Then one grinder jar and add peanuts and jaggery in the jar.
  7. Grind both of them and make a mixture of them. Check it by taking some portion in your hand and then press it. It should hold a shape and it should not crumble.
  8. If the mixture is ready then take it out in plate.
  9. Now take some portion and make a laddu of it by rolling it round between your palms.
  10. When laddu gets ready keep it in a plate and same way prepare all other laddu.
Jaggery Peanut Laddu
(Jaggery Peanut Laddu)
Jaggery Peanut Laddu
(Jaggery Peanut Laddu)
Jaggery Peanut Laddu
(Jaggery Peanut Laddu)

Enjoy these healthy laddu with your family members. You can add dryfuits as per your choice in the mixture to enhance the taste of the laddu but it’s optional. You can make them of any size of your choice. Have you ever eaten “Jaggery Peanut Laddu” before..?? Tell us in comments and if not then make them right now following my recipe..

This recipe requires very less efforts and you can make it very easily. Give a try to this recipe.. Share it with your friends and family.. Don’t forget to tell us your views about the recipe in the comments section..

Thank You..! Have A Healthy Day..!



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