Healthy Poha Recipe


Health conscious people pay attention!!!!! Presenting…. how to make fluffy flattened rice in minimal oil

Hello health conscious ones, definitely consumption of oil is a matter of concern for you all. This even forces you and you even tend to compromise most of the times with tempting dishes just because of
cooking in nice and dripping oil all over. But here is one simple technique and a recipe for yummy breakfast for you all so that you don’t have to compromise anymore. Cooking in less oil is also a need of
hour where most people are also dealing with health ailments that too require lowering of oil consumption. The recipe will be great help in all aspects. Here it goes…..

Things to gather on your counter….

 1 cup flattened rice
 1 tsp Mustard seeds and cumin seeds
 Peanuts
 Veggies (carrot, sweet corn, potato, capsicum, carrot, green peas or anything as per you wish)
 Spices (turmeric, chilli powder, dry mango powder, salt)
 Cooking oil

Now lets get started…..

  1. First of all wash the flattened rice thoroughly with water and remove excess of water with help of strainer.
  2. This will make them soak water and get fluffy. Get this into a separate bowl.
  3. Now add a bit of oil in the cooking pan and roast peanuts till they turn light brown and start emitting
  4. pleasant smell of roasting. Keep them for future use. This adds great taste in the recipe.
  5. In the left oil add veggies one by one according to the fact that which one will take longer time to cook.
  6. Like prefer adding carrot, capsicum, potato first and tomato and the end. Save sweet corn for the last as it is the main hero of the dish. Sauté all add ups thoroughly in the oil till they turn soft.
  7. Add spices mainly turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt, dried mango powder according to your taste respectively.
  8. You can add any other spice of choice too.
  9. Mix well and cover with lid so that all things get cooked and taste spreads evenly.
  10. After 5 mins, add the bowl of washed flattened rice gradually to the pan to avoid any kind of clumsiness.
  11. Now it’s time for the main thing that will make the recipe taste something better and different..the sweet corn. Add sweet corn at last and sauté well.
  12. When you see things have mixed well, add the roasted peanuts.
  13. Serve garnished with fresh coriander and can add lemon juice as well.
  14. Do try the recipe and let us know if it literally did work in less oil in comment section. If you liked the recipe do share it with your fitness freak friends and also who have to compromise for sake of health with tasty food.
  15. Like comment and share and subscribe for more new and interesting recipe. keep watching and have a good day…..


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