Festive Special Flower Mathri Recipe

Flower Mathri

Flower Mathri…!!

Hello Foodies..! Today I have the recipe of Festive Special Flower Mathri. You must have made or eaten simple mathri like round shape mathri or long finger shape. But today I will tell you how to make flower shape mathri. It looks very good and attractive. When you serve this mathri to your guests they can’t stop themselve complimenting you. It may look difficult but it is very simple to make this flower mathri. You can store them for fifteen to twenty days easily and they will not get soft.

Give a try to this mathri.. So, Welcome to my kitchen and let’s start to make “Flower Mathri”.



  • Refined Flour (Two Cup)
  • Oil for dough (One-Fourth Cup)
  • Salt- As per taste
  • Water
  • Oil for deep frying


  1. Firstly take two cups of refined flour in a big mixing bowl. Then add salt as per taste and mix it nicely.
  2. Now add one-fourth cup of oil and mix it nicely.
  3. Knead a dough of it by adding water. Add water slowly-slowly and knead a tight dough of it.
  4. When dough is ready then cover it and keep it aside for ten minutes to get set.
  5. After ten minutes, you will see white spots on the dough that means dough is well set. Knead it again nicely. (The more good dough will be kneaded, the more good mathri will be made)
  6. Now take big portion from dough and make a round ball of it. Now keep the round ball on slab or any big board as we have to roll it big.
  7. Roll the round ball big and thin. Then take one round bowl and cut pieces from it. Roll it that big that eight pieces can come out from it.
  8. Then spread little dry refined flour over all the pieces one by one and the spread the flour using your finger and then turn all the pieces.
  9. Now again spread little dry refined flour on all the pieces. Then take one piece and keep it on any plate or any board and make a line of water on the middle of that piece.
  10. Then keep another piece over it and again make a line of water at the same place of below one. Same way keep all the pieces and apply water.
  11. Now press that line of water with spatula. This way flower mathri is ready. Prepare all the flower mathri same way.
  12. Keep a wok on gas containing oil in for deep frying. Let the oil heat. When the oil is medium hot then add mathri and fry them on low flame so that all the layers can cook nicely and can become crispy.
  13. Fry them by turning till they get golden brown.
  14. When they are well fried and becomes golden brown then take them out in a plate on a napkin so that napkin can absorb extra oil.
  15. Our festive special flower mathri is ready to serve.
Flower Mathri
(Flower Mathri)
Flower Mathri
(Flower Mathri)
Flower Mathri
(Flower Mathri)

Look how crispy they are looking. While making mathri, measurement of oil is very important because it can only make your mathri good and can spoil it. I have used one-fourth cup of oil in two cups of refined flour. So, remember this measurement for making crispy mathri.

Share the recipe with your friends and family.. and do tell us your views about the recipe in the comment section.. If you have any suggestion then please do let us know.. Share the images of flower mathri with us..

Thank You..! Have A Nice Day..!

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