Tasty And Soft Fenugreek Thepla Recipe

Fenugreek Thepla

Fenugreek Thepla..!

Hello Foodies..! Welcome to my kitchen. If you are going anywhere out of India and if you are worried about what you wil eat there as Indian food is not easily available there. So, don’t worry as today I will tell you the recipe of tasty Fenugreek Thepla which remains soft and does not get spoil till seven to eight days. You can eat them with curd or pickle but they alone also gives very good taste.

So friends, without a delay let’s start the recipe..



  • Fenugreek
  • Wheat Flour (Three Bowl)
  • Gram Flour (Half Bowl)
  • Curd (One Bowl)
  • Ginger And Green Chilli Paste (One and a half spoon)
  • Spices (Salt- As per taste, Turmeric Powder- Half Spoon, Red Chilli Powder- 3/4th spoon, Carom Seeds- Half Spoon)
  • Oil
  • Water


  1. Firstly take fenugreek, clean it, wash it and then chop it properly. Chopped fenugreek should be two bowls.
  2. Now take one bowl and take all the ingredients with that bowl only. So, add three bowls of wheat flour in a big mixing bowl, then add half bowl of gram flour, two bowls of fenugreek, one bowl of curd, one and a half spoon of ginger and green chilli paste.
  3. Then add spices, add salt as per taste, half spoon of turmeric powder, three-fourth spoon of red chilli powder, half spoon of carom seeds and one-fourth bowl of oil.
  4. Mix all of them nicely. When they are well mixed then make a dough of it by adding little water. When dough gets ready then grease it with oil and cover it with wet cloth for five minutes to set it.
  5. After five minutes, dough will be well set and soft. Apply dry flour on palms so that dough does not gets stick to palms.
Fenugreek Thepla

6. Then take some portion of dough and make a round ball of it. Dip it in dry flour and then roll it in round shape. We have to roll it thin.

Fenugreek Thepla

7. When it gets well rolled then keep a pan on gas and let it heat. When pan gets heated then keep thepla on pan and let it cook little from one side.

8. When it gets little cook from one side then turn it and let it cook little from another side also. When it gets little cook from both the sides then apply oil on both the sides and cook it nicely from both the side by pressing it with spatula.

9. When it gets well cooked from both the sides then take it out in a plate and same way make all other theple.

10. Tasty Fenugreek Thepla is ready to serve.

Fenugreek Thepla
(Fenugreek Thepla)
Fenugreek Thepla
(Fenugreek Thepla)

You can serve them hot also and cool as well. In both the ways they gives very good taste. They becomes very soft and tasty. Whenever you are going somewhere then you can carry them and if children are there at home and you have to go out for some work then make these theple for children and keep them in casserole so that whenever they feels hungry they can eat them and they will like them a lot.

By adding gram flour, theple gets ready very tasty and soft. So, don’t forget to add gram flour as it is one of the important ingredient of this recipe. You must give a try to these Fenugreek Thepla and I know you will like them a lot.

If you like the recipe then share it with your friends and family. Share your experience of Fenugreek Thepla with us in the comments section.

Thank You..! Have A Good Day..!

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