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Dal Samosa…!!

Hello Foodies..! Today I have the recipe of very crispy Dal Samosa. I have not soaked anything, not boiled anything, not roasted anything to make this samosa. You can store them for some days as they don’t get spoil till 15-20 days. The best part is it’s stuffing gets ready very quickly and it’s very easy to make stuffing. I think you must have not eaten samose with this sort of stuffing that I will tell you in my recipe.

Give a try to my recipe one and you will like it a lot. So, Welcome to my kitchen and let’s start the recipe..



  • Refined Flour (One Big Bowl)
  • Spices (Salt- As per taste, Chat Masala, Red Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, Cumin Seeds Powder)
  • Oil (1.25 Cup)
  • Water
  • Moong Dal Namkeen (One Bowl)
  • Boondi
  • Fine Sev Namkeen
  • Raisins
  • Chopped Cashew


  1. Firstly take one big bowl of refined flour in a big mixing bowl. Then add salt as per taste and mix it nicely.
  2. After mixing well, make gap in between the flour to add water.
  3. Now add little water and then add 1.25 cup of oil in the water. Knead the dough of it.
  4. Add water slowly-slowly and knead a tight dough of it. When dough gets ready then cover it and leave it for sometime to set it.
  5. Till then prepare stuffing. Take one bowl of moong dal namkeen and add it in the grinder jar then grind it roughly. Don’t grind fine.
  6. Then take it out in a big mixing bowl. Now take boondi and add by crushing or grinding it roughly.
  7. Now add fine sev namkeen, raisins and chopped cashew.
  8. Then add spices, firstly add salt as per taste, chat masala, little red chilli powder, garam masala and at last cumin seeds powder. Mix all of them nicely. Stuffing is ready.
  9. Now our dough must be set. Knead the dough again nicely. The more good dough is kneaded, the more good samose gets ready.
  10. Now take small portion from a dough and make a round ball of it and then press it gently. Same may make all the round balls of the dough.
  11. Take one round ball and keep it on rolling board and roll it in oval shape with the help of rolling pin. (Don’t roll in round shape)
  12. When it is well rolled then cut it in two parts from middle with the help of knife.
  13. Now take one part, joint both the corners and paste the edges. Make a sort of cone of it. Apply water at the edges and then fill the stuffing. Paste the samosa from above by joining edges.
  14. Give a design by folding edge little-little in one direction. Same way prepare all the samose. (It’s Optional)
  15. Keep a wok on gas containing oil in it for heating. When oil gets heated then add samose one by one.
  16. Deep fry them on low-medium flame so that they can get cook well from inside and can become crispy.
  17. Deep fry them by turning till they get golden brown. When they are well fried then take them out in a strainer so that extra oil should not come.
  18. Samose are ready to serve.
Dal Samosa
(Dal Samosa)
(Dal Samosa)
(Dal Samosa)
(Dal Samosa)
(Dal Samosa)

Enjoy samose with sweet or spicy chutney or tomato ketchup. You can deep fry samose in ghee as well. Best part is they can be stored for 15-20 days.. So, you can enjoy these delicious samose for long time. Do tell us in comments your views about the recipe.. and share the recipe with your friends and family..

Thank You..! Have A Wonderful Day..! 🙂

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