Delicious Custard Powder Sweet Dish Recipe

(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)

Custard Powder Sweet Dish..!!!

Hello Foodies..! Welcome to my kitchen..! Today I have the unique recipe of sour-sweet flavoured sweet dish. I have made this by adding one special ingredient that is “Custard Powder”. It’s a jelly type sweet dish and kids will love it as they buy jelly from market which is not healthy. Give them as a jelly only and it’s home made sweet so it won’t harm their health.

I am sure you must have not eaten this type of sweet dish before. It is very tasty and gets ready easily without much efforts. So, lets start to make “Custard Powder Sweet Dish”..



  • Sugar (Half Bowl)
  • Water (Two and a half Bowl)
  • Butter Scotch Flavour Custard Powder (Three-Fourth Bowl)
  • Lemon Juice (One Spoon)
  • Rose Water (Half Spoon)
  • Cardamom Powder (One-Fourth Spoon)
  • Melon seeds
  • Desi Ghee
  • Butter Paper


  1. Keep a wok on gas and add one bowl of water in it then add half bowl of sugar. Mix it and let the sugar melt.
  2. Take three-fourth bowl of butter scotch flavour custard powder in a big bowl, add one and a half bowl of water in it. Mix it nicely and no lumps should be there.
  3. Now add one spoon of lemon juice, half spoon of rose water, one-fourth spoon of cardamom powder. Mix all of them nicely. (You can add vanilla essence in place of rose water)
Custard Powder Sweet Dish
(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)

4. Now see the sugar syrup, if the sugar is melted then add custard powder mixture that we prepared.

5. Add the mixture slowly-slowly and keep on stirring it while adding and lumps should not made.

6. Make it thick and keep on stirring it. Jelly type mixture will get form and it gets thick quickly.

7. When it forms jelly like mixture then add melon seeds. Mix them nicley and then add one spoon of desi ghee and mix it well.

8. Keep on stirring for one to two minutes and then turn off the gas.

9. Take one tin and keep butter paper in it and grease it with ghee. Pour the mixture in the tin and set it well.

10. Let it cool and then freeze it so keep it in fridge for one hour. After one hour, you will see it is well freezed.

Custard Powder Sweet Dish
(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)

11. Now take it out in a plate with the help of knife carefully. Remove the butter paper. Then turn it with the help of another plate.

(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)
(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)

12. Cut the pieces from it. I have cut the round pieces and you can cut into any shape of your choice.

(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)
(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)
(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)
(Custard Powder Sweet Dish)

Enjoy this tatsy and soft custard powder sweet dish with your family. When you are bored with usual sweets then give a try this sweet and I am sure you will like it. You can take any flavour custard powder to make this sweet dish and add dryfruits of your choice in place of melon seeds. As I have made different sweet than the usual ones so I have added melon seeds to give different taste.

Make it once and then you will always make it.. Share the recipe with your friends and relatives and tell us your views about the recipe in the comments section.. You can share the picture of the sweet with us.. If you have any suggestion then do let us know as your suggestions are always welcome..

Thank You..! Have A Sweet Day..! 🙂



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