Yummy Creamy White Sauce Pasta Recipe

Creamy White Sauce Pasta

Creamy White Sauce Pasta..!!!

Hello Foodies… Welcome to my kitchen.. Bored of eating Red Sauce Pasta..?? So, I have the solution.. Today I have the recipe of “Creamy White Sauce Pasta” for you all but in a different style. It is an italian dish.. White sauce pasta is made of refined flour but I have not used refined flour as it’s not good for health.. I have made it with cream and it’s very yummy in taste.. It gets ready quickly and it is very simple to make it.

Kids usually demands to eat such dishes then make for them with my recipe as I have not used refined flour so it won’t harm their health and they will love the taste. You don’t need much ingredients to make this delicious “Creamy White Sauce Pasta”. Just folow my recipe and make best white sauce pasta ever.. When you eat usual white sauce pasta then it feels heavy but with my recipe it doesn’t feel heavy after eating it.. So, let’s start the recipe..



  • Pasta
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper Powder
  • Chilli Flakes
  • Butter
  • Tomato
  • Cream


  1. Firtsly take one bowl of pasta of any shape.
  2. Keep water in a pan and heat it by covering. When water starts to boil then add one spoon of salt and then one spoon of oil.
  3. Mix it and then add pasta and mix it nicely. Let it boil and when it starts to boil you will see pasta has started to cook.
  4. Cover it and let it cook on medium flame for one minute. After one minute, turn off the gas and leave it as it is for ten minutes.
  5. Now keep a wok on gas and pour some butter and let it melt. When butter melts then add chopped tomatoes.
  6. Roast the tomatoes till they get soft. When tomatoes gets soft then add one bowl of cream it it and mix nicely.
  7. Then add black pepper powder, chilli flakes and little salt keeping in mind that we had already added salt while boiling pasta. (If you want to add oregano then you can add but it’s optional)
  8. Mix all of them nicely and when cream starts to boil then check pasta whether they are cooked or not.
  9. If they are well cooked, then remove the water with the help of strainer and then wash the pasta nicely with cold water.
  10. Then add the pasta in the wok and mix it very nicely.
  11. Now add one spoon of tomato ketchup and mix it nicely. (It’s optional, if you like then add otherwise don’t add)
  12. Our yummy “Creamy White Sauce Pasta” is ready to serve.
Creamy White Sauce Pasta
(Creamy White Sauce Pasta)
Creamy White Sauce Pasta
(Creamy White Sauce Pasta)
Creamy White Sauce Pasta
(Creamy White Sauce Pasta)

Guys, how it is looking..?? Tell us in comments section.. You can add veggies of your choice if you want to make creamy vegetable white sauce pasta.. As vegetables will make it more nutritious.. Give a try to this recipe once and I am sure you will forget to make usual white sauce pasta that you generally eat.. Make it for the get together with friends and your friends will surely compliment you for making such a delicious “Creamy White Sauce Pasta”.. Infact they will ask you the recipe.. This dish can be served as a snack or breakfast..

Share the recipe with your friends and family.. and let us know about your views about the recipe in the comments section..

Thank You..!! Have A Nice Day..! 🙂

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