21 Yummy Mango Recipes To Try On For This Season……

mango recipe

Hey guys……you all might be enjoying the season of mango. We wait eagerly for this season to arrive whole year; it is a kind of celebration for every mango lover. We hardly know anyone who don’t like mangoes… hardly I think…!! Wish this mango season would last whole year……!! but wait our wish won’t be fulfilled by nature…. may be but what we can do instead of this is to enjoy the season at its full. Mangoes are mostly used to make shakes and drinks but here we have lot more than that. Let’s take a quick revision of these recipes that we could try out this season with mangoes and enjoy them making their taste imprint at our taste buds and mind as well till the next season….

 Mango as in India particularly is available in the market for only 2-3 months probably from mid April to mid-July. June is the peak season where one can get best varieties of mangoes. There are many varieties to choose from basically Dussheri, the most famous one, Alphonso, Langda, Tota aam, Hapus and many more. They all have different tastes and appearance as well. Some are sweet variety and some have tangy taste. There are lot more than this.

Now let’s start with a quick snap of all the recipes you could opt out of mangoes and add the flavour in your food…. let’s read about this….  

1. Mango Mastaani

A beautiful cocktail of mangoes loaded with lots of vanilla ice cream and love. Mix the mango pulp with milk and vanilla ice cream and serve it in a glass or tumbler with first layer of small pieces of mango, followed by ice cream, then the mango paste followed by more ice cream at top. You could opt to add more and more mango pieces too. Garnish with some finely chopped dry fruits and enjoy the cold sip in these summers.

mango recipe

2. Mango Iced Tea

Twist in your favorite ice tea, just add some mango pulp to the ice tea and enjoy the taste. This will really refresh your evening cravings for some chilled drinks in this summer. Ice tea has always been a choice for refreshment after long tiring day and specially in summers, the mango will definitely add up into the taste.

3. Mango Creamy Rolls

Delicious and some fresh recipe to try on. Take bread piece and roll it with a mango piece within, place in plate and cover with cream mixed with sugar and garnish with chopped dry fruits. You can opt to eat it chilled or as it is..all your choice..

4. Mango Mousse

Soft creamy drink of mango, indeed liked by everyone. Sweet and chilled dessert for these summers. Use whipped heavy cream and add some mango puree to it followed by some agar agar and sugar powder. Eat it after refrigerating it, nice soft and mangolicious.

5. Aamras

Most ancient kind of desserts in Indian cuisines. it has been in the top list of choices when it comes to selecting a sweet dish for any dinner party. Puree of mango is mixed with milk and ghee sometimes, loaded with cream, dry fruits and sugar. People even opt to have this with poori or chapati.

6. Mango Kulfi

Mango kulfi or Indian form of ice cream. Puree of mango is mixed with sugar, full cream milk, cardamom powder and then freezed to get the kulfi. The milk is to be boiled to have to make it concentrated and followed by addition of pulp and sugar. Children love this a lot. Healthy form of ice cream indeed to try on.

mango recipe

7. Mango Halwa/Kesari

Just a twist of mango is added to the regular halwa. This dish is basically of south Indian origin. While making the regular halwa, puree of mango is added to garnished with dry fruits and mango kesari is ready.

8. Mango Shrikhand

Mango flavoured shrikhand. Just add mango puree to the shrikhand we make regularly and garnish with some dry fruits and more of mango pieces. Mix curd and whole cream together with some powdered sugar to make the shrikhand and add mango to it. Tasty and juicy mango shrikhand is ready.

9. Mango Custard

When all kinds of fruits are added in custard, just opt to add only mango or more mango in proportion to the other fruits. Boil some whole cream milk and add custard powder while stirring followed by some powdered sugar in it and add mango pieces. Refrigerate it before serving and enjoy it chilled.

10. Mango Lassi

Simple lassi with a touch of mango. Just mix the mango pulp, sugar and curd in the mixing jar and add some ice cubes too. Serve with topping of cream and garnishing of dry fruits and enjoy. This will be great choice for evening drinks and children will love this. its healthy and tasty as well.

mango recipe

11. Mango Cake

Mango version of cake, just we have to add mango puree in the cake batter and bake it. Take all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, cream, milk, add egg or you can even avoid if you’re a vegetarian and finish off with adding mango puree. Bake the cake right away.

12. Mango Rolls

A fresh kind of sweet dish to try at home using mangoes. This will definitely get you some fame as well. Mix the pulp with whole milk cream (malai), coconut powder and roast in ghee. Take the quantity of pulp and coconut powder as same. Add some dry fruits to the mixture and make rolls out of it. Refrigerate the rolls and cut them into more small pieces. Enjoy the tasty and fresh kind of recipe.

mango recipe

13. Monaco Mango crunch

A kind of mango snack as an answer for bon appetite. Mix mango pieces with some corn and tomatoes and some chaat masala. Place them of Monaco biscuits and enjoy as the evening snack. Enjoy with tea or other listed mango drinks to try on.

mango recipe

14. Mango Rabri

Another kind of mango sweet dish to try on. Mix milk and mango pulp together and add some cardamom powder, more pieces of mangoes and a bowl of rabdi to it. Mix things well and garnish with chopped dry fruits and serve with the lunch or dinner as dessert. The sweetness will add up into your energy and make your day.

mango recipe

15. Mango Sandwich

A twist to the sandwich, take bread and apply butter over one side and place a slice of mango on it. Cover with over bread and cut into pieces. If you wish you can add some chocolate syrup over it to make it more interesting. This will be a new kind of sandwich for anyone who loves experimenting, do try this in your breakfast or as evening snack.

mango recipe

16. Mango Muffins

A sweet and easy to make recipe. Mix mango puree in wheat flour, add some condensed milk and butter to it, mix well and bake in muffin moulds. A sweet answer to children’s’ demands. You can even store them in fridge for day or two.

17. Mango Kheer

Another add on in the list of mango desserts. Make the regular kheer with milk and rice and sugar. Just for a twist add some mango puree and pieces of mango once it cools down. Serve it chilled with dinner. And yes a tip to remember, add the mango only when the milk cools down otherwise whole kheer will get spoiled.

18. Mango Raita

Raita got a mango touch. Like we make the regular raita, just add some pieces of mango to curd, mix well and you raita is ready. This will be a kind of sweet version of rather without use of any spices or salt.

19. Mango Shake

Most loved drinks of mango which runs through all season actually. Simple to make and tasty, loved by everyone. Just add milk to some mango pulp, ice cubes and mix well, add sugar as well. Serve in a glass with some garnishing of dry fruits, optional indeed.

mango recipe

20. Mango Modak

Another sweet dish out of mango, mix some mango puree in modak material and bind to make the modaks. It would be a great option for Ganesh pooja as well. Yes, but if you find mangoes at that time.

21. Mango Ice Cream

Yes… The most awaited, turn of mango ice cream. Everyone’s favorite in this soaring summers. Blend mangoes, cream and milk together and freeze them properly to get the ice cream. Children will definitely ask for more.

Friends, as you can see, we have tried to list all the recipes we felt we could, they are easy to make with easily available things at home. Do try them and let us know about your experiences with us. Do share more recipes if your want that could be added in the list. Your suggestions are always awaited……


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